We Are Sigma

Our Vision

Data shouldn’t be behind walls. The key to an effective self service data culture is treating users like they know what they’re doing. With Sigma, teams can easily create their own solutions that exactly meet their needs, then share the most effective methods across the organization. Companies, teams, and individuals can all rapidly iterate because no one is waiting on someone else to build the query they need. We’re removing the barriers to using data.

Leadership Team

Rob Woollen

CEO / Co-Founder

Rob Woollen is co-founder and CEO of Sigma Computing. Rob has over 20 years of experience building distributed and cloud systems. He spent 6 years at Salesforce.com serving as the CTO for the Salesforce Platform and Work.com and Sr Vice President, Platform Product Management.
Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Jason Frantz

CTO / Co-Founder

Jason is co-founder and CTO of Sigma Computing. Prior to founding Sigma, Jason was at MapR as the architect for their distributed database, MapR-DB, and worked at Clustrix on distributed databases and query optimization.
Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering & Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology.

Our Investors


Board Members

Mike Speiser
Scott Dietzen
Kevin Wang
John McMahon

Meet the Sigma Team

  • Anthony Pichardo
    Anthony Pichardo VP of Sales - Southwest
  • Becky Lehman
    Becky Lehman Office Manager
  • Ben Crosswell
    Ben Crosswell VP of Sales - West
  • Brian Krotine
    Brian Krotine Sales Development
  • Carol Culver
    Carol Culver Head of Design
  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers VP of Sales
  • Danny Leong
    Danny Leong Product Designer
  • Diana Johnson
    Diana Johnson Software Engineer
  • Donald Huang
    Donald Huang Software Engineer
  • Elena Ularu
    Elena Ularu Product Solutions Engineer
  • Erica Chase
    Erica Chase Product Marketing
  • James Gale
    James Gale Founding Engineer
  • Joseph Bates
    Joseph Bates VP of Product
  • Kenneth Truong
    Kenneth Truong Software Engineer
  • Massimo Siboldi
    Massimo Siboldi Software Engineer
  • Max Seiden
    Max Seiden Software Engineer
  • Nipurn Doshi
    Nipurn Doshi Product Designer
  • Ovidiu Mihailov
    Ovidiu Mihailov Head of Talent
  • Peter Bacich
    Peter Bacich Sales Development
  • Shaziya Tambawala
    Shaziya Tambawala Product Designer
  • Stipo Josipovic
    Stipo Josipovic Product Solutions Engineer
  • Veronica Powers
    Veronica Powers Software Engineer

Put the power of analytics in everyone’s hands